Linda Wagner

Linda Wagner has been making quilts for over 35 years and teaching quilting for over 25 years and her personal interests gravitate to scrappy quilts. Presently Linda is a lead mechanic with United Airlines. Previously she taught electronics. Linda is a N.A.T.S. certified teacher.

Owning her first sewing machine while in third grade, Linda began making doll clothes, moved on to making clothes for herself and other family members randomly altering pattern designs.  While in college she earned a dress maker's ceritification from Santa Anna College.  Linda's first quilt was made using Eleanor Burns techniques that included ripping strips (this was before the rotary cutter was invented). Things took
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off at warp speed after joining a quilt guild. Linda's favorite part of guild was show and tell. Needing to try a lot of what she saw soon earned her the nick name addquilter. Many of Linda's quilts contain 100-400 fabrics.  Many friends describe her approach to color as fearless.

Linda teaches like she would like to be taught. Students receive extensive notes and can reference large charts. All students receive individual help.  In classes with demos, demos are repeated multiple times so each student has opportunity to grow comfortable with the technique. There are always extra quilts shown only in the workshop. Have quilts will travel.


Thursday, June 27th


This is a trunk show  devoted to the concept of "skewing". Lyn will explain its humble beginnings and expand on the technique and the various ways it can be used. Many different examples of its use will be shown.  


Saturday, June 29th

Borders! - This is a technique workshop.

In the class we will explore options using simple techniques to create the WOW factor. A little extra piecing can create inner borders or outer borders that will stand out, creating a stunning quilt. Learn to add inner borders and make pieced borders that fit without doing heavy math.

Sample quilt below is called Autumn Geese.

Bring a quilt that you want to design borders for. You can bring fabrics that you'd like to use for the borders. 

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