Block of the Month

For 2017, we’re going to try a new twist on an old yarn. A Block of the Month featuring WOOL!!! Each month’s pattern is for a small (9” x 7”) seasonal decoration. The guild will charge $3 for the entire year (to cover printing). Participants will be provide designs and incentives at no cost. Hope ewe join us! Read on if you want rules/details...

1. Sign up starting at the January meeting. Fee of $3.00 (three dollars) is due when you sign up. You can do this at any time during the year, but fees will not be pro-rated (or refunded if you quit).

2. Patterns will be published starting in April 2017 (through March of 2018), pick up your copy of the pattern at the meeting, or print it from the Web site. (See Patterns below)
  • Each pattern is for a small (9” x 7”) seasonal decoration.
  • When the pattern suggests a particular embroidery stitch it will include instructions and/or free internet resources.
3. Complete the piece and bring it to the next meeting to show off. You keep your piece.

4. Everyone that brings their piece to show will be entered in a drawing for a kit to make the next month’s project.
  • The kit will have the same wools in the sample, but not embroidery floss or thread.
  • Most of the wool is reclaimed so kits may include odd-sized pieces.
  • The number of kits given out each month will depend on how much wool is available.
  • Yes, some folks will win multiple times and yes, some will never win. Completing your project increases your chance of winning!