This page, which is underdevelopment, is not to recommend any one person or business but to provide a list of resources a quilter might appreciate.

Quilt Instructor

Mary Boyer
(916) 995-4164

Long Arm Quilters

(In alphabetical order)

Deb Haag
4724 Copperfield Circle
Granite Bay
Recommended by Lauren Markell
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Debbie Lopez
4833 Rockland Way
Fair Oaks
(916) 308-2925
recommended by Carolyn Monson
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Fran Watson
Carmichael (Madison & Dewey)
Recommended by Sharon Baxter
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GVQG members can get Community Service Quilts quilted for free by
these beginning long arm quilters who volunteer to gain long arm experience.

Mary Baldwin
8216 Holly Oak St.
Citrus Heights
(916) 439-3886
Barbie Robertson
(916) 475-4350