Community Service

The Next Community Service Sew Day will be:

Fun, Fun, Fun
With Bento Box

July 26, 2018
St. Mark’s Church,
4:30 pm - 9 pm

Click below to see photos of Community Service Days:

July 9, 2016
September 24, 2016

Our slogan is, “We never met a quilt we didn’t like!”  Our mission is to provide quilts, all sizes, to numerous non-profit groups in our local community.
Members may use their own stash of fabric to create a quilt.  If you don't have your own stash, quilt kits are available to members for pick up to complete at home.  Once a quilt is complete whether it is from one of our kits or from your stash of fabric, you simply return the completed quilt on meeting night.
In addition to sewing quilts at home, we have a community service night twice a year.  These service nights are where members work on quilts as a group activity. Ask for more details at the Community Service table.
If you are looking for a quilt pattern to use for your service quilt, we have some great patterns that we are more than happy to share.  Please feel free to use any one of the attached patterns for your service quilt.  Also, don’t feel shy about using one of your own design on a service quilt.  Like our slogan says, “We never met a quilt we didn’t like!” 

Click here to see
patterns you might use.
Happy Quilting.
2016 Update

The final tally for quilts completed and donated for 2016 is 466 quilts, which is an increase from 2015 when we completed 355. These quilts were donated to the following charities:

Mercy San Juan & Mercy Hospice
Children’s UC Davis – Burn Unit
Citrus Heights PD
St. John Center for Change
El Dorado Fire Department
The VA – Veterans Hospital
Loaves and Fishes