Melissa Lee

Hi! My name's Melissa Lee, and I'm an illustrator and surface pattern designer living in the hilly forests of Northern California. Alongside doing freelance and art licensing work (I’m a proud Riley Blake Designs fabric designer!), I've spent much of my time cultivating my love of sharing what I know and encouraging others to nourish their creative side through teaching online art courses on Skillshare and Arbington. I love making patterns, character art, and watercolor paintings. I'm endlessly inspired by animals and nature (whether living today or extinct), science fiction and fantasy, space and astrology, witchy things, and bees.

Always bees. 

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Random Facts about me . . .

#1 I'm one of the most Hufflepuff Hufflepuffs ever to Hufflepuff.  
#2 You may have noticed that I use bees in my branding. My name, Melissa, comes from the Greek words for "honey" and "bee", which is part of the reason why. The other reason is that I love them. They're hardworking and loyal, and as a Hufflepuff, I can relate. Also, they're adorable. 
#3 I majored in Studio Art in college, but graduated without knowing what I wanted to do with my art professionally. I love character design, but after interning at a video game company for two years, I discovered that I really only like making my own characters.¯\_()_/¯ It wasn't until I discovered pattern design that I found my true calling. 
#4 I am both a huge skeptic of anything supernatural and a lover of everything supernatural. Are ghosts real? Probably not, but I love and support them.
#5 I also love astrology. Do I believe in predictions of future events based on horoscopes? Nah. Do I relate with every single taurus sun/cancer moon profile I've ever read to an uncanny degree and find comfort in the guidance it provides me, and kinda believe in it a little anyway? Totally. I thrive on being contrary.
#6 “Allow yourself to fail before you succeed” has become a career motto for me because I truly do believe in the power of embracing failure and learning to love and appreciate your “bad” art as a valuable piece of any creative path.
#7 I own a ball python named Tony Ssstark.

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