Colleen Pelfrey
Colleen Pelfrey has been a school teacher since 1982.  She taught 2nd through 8th grades, and most recently taught physical education, math, drama, and art at the middle school level.

She has been sewing since she was in the eighth grade (she sewed dresses back when she used to wear dresses) and made her first quilt after her first year of college in 1976.  She made her second quilt much later in 1990. 

Just as much as Colleen likes quilting, she likes telling the stories that go along with her quilts, hence the lecture title of "Life with a Border Around It". 
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In addition to quilting, she likes hiking, biking, motorcycling (a Honda 700), cats, hugs and Nutella, not necessarily in that order!
Lecture - Life with a Border Around It.

Colleen will tell stories about the quilts she shows.

Thursday, February 22

Workshop - Taking Out the Dye

Saturday, February 24

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