Aloha ‘O Quilters

2020 Quilt Challenge
GVQG Luncheon
September 12, 2020

The Challenge:

  • Only current 2020-2021 GVQG members may enter the challenge.
  • Must be a Hawaiian theme and contain ONE of the 4 following:
    • Palm tree or any other style tree
    • Sun
    • Moon
    • Water (may include pools, waterfalls, oceans)
  • Cannot be any larger than 24”x24” or 96” perimeter if a runner.
  • No special hangers...must be able to be pinned to the wall.
  • Must contain an embellishment of your choice ... beads, buttons, ribbons etc.
  • Front of entry must contain thecolor of the “Paint Chip” attached to your challenge instructions. When completed tape the paint chip to the back side of your entry. The paint chip color may also substitute as a color incorporated into the attached fabric. The paint chip MUST be attached to the back of your entry.
  • Front of entry must contain at least a 2” any shape cut (round,  square, triangle or your choice, or use the whole piece) of the 5”  square of fabric attached to your instruction sheet. This could  include the color of your paint chip if applicable.
  • Each entry must include a Quilter's “DIVA” name. Your name is obtained by selecting the last letter of your birth month (i.e. “e” for June) and the first letter of your first name (i.e. “L” for Lauren)...example “Enchanting Lelani”. It DOES NOT need to be  Hawaiian words or names - it can  be whatever you like using this instruction.
  • Please include your “DIVA” name written on a slip of paper and taped or pinned to the back of your entry. Cards will be made to  attach to the front showing your Diva name for display.
  • DO NOT attach your own name or labels on the quilt backs please.
  • Entries are to be turned in at the August 2020 general meeting.
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We've added some additional challenges this year....just to shake things up a bit!! You are all gifted and accomplished quilters of our guild and we hope you will enter this challenge using your artistic abilities!! The attendees as well as our own members really enjoy viewing and voting on the entries.

Prizes will be awarded for 1
st, 2nd, 3rd places and a 4th honorable mention from votes of the “People's Choice”.

This gives you 11 months to work on your projects ... Create and HAVE FUN!

We are looking forward to another successful luncheon with your participation in the quilt challenge.

Contact us if you have questions.

Lauren Markell and Phyllis Day
425-418-0203 or text or

All 5”squares are not
the same design
but are cut from
the same fabric.