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Lynn has been quilting for 20 years and teaching quilting for the last seven years. Seven years ago she started her own pattern company called Sew'n Wild Oaks. She has designed 17 patterns, and one resource manual called Patchwork Math. She was the featured artist at the quilt show in Georgetown, CA in the fall of 2012 and 2013. She completed a taping for an episode of The Quilt which aired on February 16, 2015, episode #1604.   Recently she was asked to .
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design quilts for Marcus Brother’s fabrics. She enjoys designing and making traditional quilts, combining her love of appliqué with pieced blocks.

Lynn’s class is an all-day class intended for everyone, from a beginner to a seasoned quilter.  The class and companion reference manual includes quilting formulas and instructions to make 12 popular quilting components......any size....from quarter square triangles, square in a triangle, square in a square, Y-squares, to three different kinds of flying geese and more.  She will show and discuss easy-peasey ways to construct quilting components, and how to assemble them into an assortment of different blocks. Learn how to dissect complicated blocks into manageable units with the straight forward formulas, and uncomplicated construction techniques.  The techniques and formulas can be applied to blocks, block framing ideas, sashings, and border treatments. Never be afraid of quilting math again.

You can see samples from her previous classes on her Blog and, visit her on Web site where one can watch numerous videos on how Lynn makes her fabulous quilts, download instructive PDFs, and more - there is lots to look at there (some free, some not).

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Thursday, March 28th - Patchwork Math or , Finessing the Figures

Perhaps we will see one, or both,
of these quilts:

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Saturday, March 30th - Patchwork Math

Have you ever tried to make a half square triangle in a particular finished size, but not been able to remember how big you need to cut the pieces to get that size? Patchwork Math is the answer.

Patchwork Math is an extremely handy guide to the formulas and piecing techniques for dozens of the most common quilting blocks. It includes formulas and techniques for half square triangles, quarter square triangles, Y-Squares, flying geese, and lots more!

Click here to watch one of Lynn’s videos
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